Writing in the Third Person

third person

In creative writing, authors choose between writing in the first, second or third person. In writing in the first person the story uses ‘I’ and ‘we’. ‘I went to the grocery store’ or ‘We looked up at the sky’. The second person writing uses the pronouns ‘you, your, and yours’ as in ‘before you go to the store, leave your keys on the table’. It is mostly used in emails or technical writing. The third person writing is the most common form for fiction. It uses ‘he, she or it’ to refer to people and places.

The advantage of using the third person is that you put yourself into the character and let them do the talking and set the stage. The third person writing eliminates bias in a story, presenting only the facts, leaving the interpretation to the reader. ‘Alex walked quickly to the car before anyone spotted him.’ There are many different ways Alex would walk to the car, allowing the reader his own interpretation of the event.

Unlike the first and second person writing, the third person writing has genders and neutral categories.  This is why it is important to create your characters so they become alive in your mind and every time they ‘speak’ you can picture them, and more important, the reader must be able to picture them and give them a personality.

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James Frazee

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