Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Having a good idea is the beginning of any writing and probably the most difficult part of the story development. Once you have that, the characters and plot come easier because you know the type of characters you need and locations for the plot. I get my ideas from real life. Everyone has some event in their lives that sticks in their mind and has meaning to them. You find that one event or adventure in your own life and then expand on it to develop the story line.

In my case, I like to develop the event into a mystery that will be solved by the end of the book, leaving the reader satisfied. Although the book is fiction, the idea came from real life. The key is to have twists and turns to keep the reader guessing what’s next without giving the end away. The end of one book can also lead to the beginning of the next story line. In my current novel, The Mosquito Bites, I left the end with the question, “What happened next?” This leads to my next book that starts where the current one ends, using the same characters but with a twist in the direction, thus keeping it fresh.

I also like to base my plot around a central character. The character in my book is Alex Gregory, a recent college graduate thrown by accident into the world of corporate politics and murder. The central character is a personification of me. He has the same desires and feelings that I have and, therefore, reacts to the situations around him in the same way that I would.


James Frazee

Author, The Mosquito Bites


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