Weak Two Bid

All bridge played follows the rules of Contract Bridge, sometimes just called bridge.  This blog will discuss the Weak Two Bid convention.

The Weak Two Bid is used to tell your partner that you have less than thirteen points but seven cards in a suit. You can open with this bid. In this convention a bid of 2 Diamonds, 2 Hearts, or 2 Spades indicates 7 cards in that suit bid.   For Clubs, the opening for a Weak Two is 3 Clubs.  An opening bid of 2 Clubs is a special convention called the Strong Two Bid.

The requirements for a Weak Two opening bid are:

  • 9-12 point
  • At least seven card suit headed by a least two honors (A, K, Q or J)
  • No four card suit outside the long suit
  • No Void

The response to a Weak Two:

  • With less than13 points
    • If you have 3 or more cards in opening suit, raise opening by 1
    • If you have less than 3 cards in opening suit, PASS
  • With 13 or more points
    • If you have 5 cards in anew suit, bid that suit
    • If no new suit with more than 4 cards, bid 2 No Trump.

If the Opener has an 8 card suit with 9-12 points, the same opening requirements for a Weak Two Bid are used, except the opening bid is at the 3 rather than 2; with 8 cards in a suit, the bid would be 3 Spades, 3 Hearts or 3 Diamonds.  An opening bid of 3 Clubs indicates either 7 or 8 in the Club suit.

James Frazee

Author, Beginning Bridge by the Numbers

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