Types of Bridge

Bridge first grew in popularity throughout Europe and appeared in the United States in the 1890’s.  During the next 30 years the rules of the game underwent many changes and it is continuing to change.  Several different versions of bridge have been introduced and have gain in popularity over the years.

All bridge played is Contract Bridge, sometimes just called bridge.  However there are three main forms of Contract Bridge: Rubber Bridge, Duplicate Bridge and Chicago Bridge.

  • RubberBridge: Follows the rules of bridge that have been discussed over the past couple of weeks.
  • Duplicate Bridge: Same rules of play as Basic Bridge. Main difference is that the same deal is played at multiple tables to see which team makes the highest point..
  • Chicago Bridge: Same rules of play as Basic Bridge. Main difference is that only 4 deals are played and scored.

Other Variations of Basic Bridge have developed over the years. They include:

  • Honeymoon Bridge: Basic Bridge played with only 2 players
  • Miinibridge: As the name suggests, it is a simplified form of the game.  There is no bidding thus useful for beginners.  In some ways it is similar to Wisk.
  • The Beer Card: It is not part of the official rules of Bridge, but is a tradition among some players

These various forms of bridge will be described in more detail over the next couple of weeks.



James Frazee

Author, Beginning Bridge by the Numbers


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