Texas Transfer Convention

contract bridge

All bridge played follows the rules of contract bridge, or sometimes just called bridge. Once bridge became a popular game, players have been trying to come up with improved ways to communicate to their partner. These are called conventions. Some have worked, and some have not. The Texas Transfer is a convention that many players use.

This convention is used with an opening bid of 1NT or 2NT and the partner holds 5 or more cards in a major suit and wishes to bid game. This allows the strong hand (opening hand) to remain unexposed.

The signal is a response at the 4 level, 1 suit lower than the major suit that the responder has 6 cards. The opener then makes the bid at the 4 level in the suit that his partner has the 6 cards.


Opener Response Meaning Opener 2nd Bid
1NT or 2NT      4D Responder has 6+ hearts, thus the opener makes a transfer bid to hearts        4H
1NT or 2NT      4H Responder has 6+ spades, thus the opener makes a transfer bid to spades        4S





James Frazee

Author, Beginning Bridge by the Numbers

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