Strong Two Bid

All bridge played follows the rules of Contract Bridge, sometimes just called bridge.  This blog will discuss the Strong Two Bid convention.

The Strong Two opening bid is a convention that signifies 22 or more points in the opener’s hand.  This is a signal to his partner that he has a strong hand. It does not mean that Clubs is his suit; it just indicates 22 or more points in the opening hand.  Now the partners need to find the suit to play.

Response to an opening bid of 2 Clubs

  • 0-3 points; bid 2NT
  • 4-8 points; bid anything but 2 NT but stay at the 2 level. Bid you longest and strongest suit (minimum of 4 cards the suit).
  • 9+ points; jump one level in our longest and strongest suit and keep bidding; a slam is likely (total partner minimum points is 31)

Opener’s 2nd bid response to partner’s bid

  • If partner bids 2 NT, opener passes
  • If partner’s bid signals 4-8 points, opener rebids partners suit if he has 4 or more in that suit else he bids 3NT.
  • If the partner’s bid signals 31+ points, there might have a small or grand slam. Use the Goeber or Stammen to determine if the final contact will be 5, 6 or 7.

James Frazee

Author, Beginning Bridge by the Numbers

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