Rubber Bridge

All bridge played is Contract Bridge, sometimes just called bridge.  However there are different forms on Contract Bridge (each will be discussed in upcoming blogs).  The various forms include Rubber Bridge, Duplicate Bridge, Chicago Bridge, Honeymoon Bridge, and Minibridge.

Basically all forms of bridge follow a standard set of conventions. These include:

  • The game of bridge uses a standard deck of cards, consisting of 52 cards divided about 4 suits (spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs); a total of 13 cards in each suit.
  • The game needs 4 players at the table (except Honeymoon bridge). The  players opposite each other are partners and play against the two players  The teams are usually designed by North/South and East/West.
  • All the cards are dealt and each player then sorts the cards according to suit. They then count how many points they have in their hand
  • Once that has been done, the players started bidding starting with the person who dealt the cards. The purpose of the biding is to describe your hand to your partner.  The bidding rotates around the table until there are 3 passes in a row (a pass means that player does not what to bid anymore).
  • The final bid determine the suit that will serve as trump for that hand and determine how many tricks the team needs to fulfill their contract (thus the name Contract Bridge). The team who set the contracts needs to make a base of 6 tricks plus what they bid.  For example, if the final contract was set at 3 spades, the team needs to win 9 (6 + 3) of the 13 tricks to make their contract.  The opposite team will try to prevent the bidding team from getting the 9 tricks.
  • Once the bidding is over, the play beings. The first card laid comes from the person to the left of the person who set the contract.  Each player than plays a card, high card taking the trick. If a player cannot follow the suit played, they can play a trump card (the suit designated in the contract) and they will the trick.
  • A game is a score of 100 points. Partial scores are recorded.  The first team to get 100 points wins the game.  Winning two games out of three is called a rubber, thus the name for this type of bridge.
  • In Rubber Bridge each deal is a new set of cards for each had.


James Frazee

Author, Beginning Bridge by the Numbers

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