Roche Convention

James Frazee June 10, 2018

The Roche Conventions is a fairly simple respond to a 1NT open.  The partner response of a 2 club overcall, shows 12-14 high card points, a balanced or semi-balanced hand and 3+ clubs.  All other responses are the normal response to a 1NT open.

Response by opener to the 2 Club overcall are as follows:

Response                  Meaning

Pass                               4+ clubs, no 5-card suit, and no interest in game.

2 Diamonds               Natural bid, 5+ diamonds, non-forcing

2 Hearts                       Natural bid, 5+ Hearts, non-forcing

2 Spades                      Natural bid, 5+ Spades, non-forcing

2NTs                             Natural bid, invitational to 3NT

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