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James Frazee July 9, 2018

Over the years I have watched many TV cooking programs and read a lot of cook books. All of them have wonderful recipes, many of which I have tried. In many cases however, I found myself frustrated because many of the recipes required me to make the sauces or marinades from scratch using spices that I didn’t have or utensils I didn’t own.


This required me to run out and purchase the spices that I only used once, and then they sat in my cupboard until they were eventually thrown out. And on top of that, spices are expensive.


Worst yet, I’d get all the ingredients and start following the recipe and realize I didn’t have the right pan or some kitchen utensil. My kitchen’s very small and doesn’t have room for all the different size pans and utensils called for in the instructions. I end up improvising and either making too much or too little with what I have and the recipes never look like what’s shown in the book.


Cooking from scratch can take more time to make than it does to eat. With a full time job I don’t want to come home and spend time cooking, when I would rather spend it with my friends or family.


I decided to write this book because I am sure that I am not alone in regards to wanting to make a healthy meal that doesn’t take forever to prepare or require a lot of items that will be used once. All of the recipes are easy to follow and prepare.


Over the next several weeks I will provide you with quick and healthy tips for great meals for your family.

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