What is your inspiration for writing Beginning Bridge by the Numbers?


I have been teaching beginner’s bridge classes out of my home for about 15 years.  I do it free of charge.  I like playing and teaching and want to get more people interested in this game.  Bridge is a good social card game. It is a partnership game so it requires four players (or multiples of four) to play.  Most people who are involved in playing bridge are serious players which often takes the fun out of the gathering.  When teaching I maintain an atmosphere of learning yet also provides a social outing.

Over the years I have taught more people than I care to count and at the same time made some good friends.   I had never thought of writing a book on bridge until one of student said to me: “I have taken many bridge lessons in the past and none of them made sense.  I took your class and the way you teach and the way you organize your teachings, it now all comes together.   You should publish your methodology for others like me.”    I started asking my other students if they agreed with that statement and the overwhelming answer was “yes”.

Thus I started the task of putting my method of teaching into writing, which led to this book.  Now anyone who likes to play cards can learn the basics from my book.  The book is not for seasoned bridge players but for someone or a group of players working today to learn. It is a step by step methodology with examples and exercises.  It is also a good reference manual.

Bridge is a numbers game and if you can add to 31 you can learn to play the game and this book is based around this premise.   The reader masters one task at a time and then moves to the next chapter.  It contains set rules to follow until the player because a seasoned player.  Then they can move on to bending the basic rules to fit the situation.  But for beginner specific rules are essential.

Have you ever tried bridge before? I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below! You can also grab a copy of my book, The Mosquito Bites, and follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Goodreads.


James Frazee

Author, Beginning Bridge by the Numbers

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