Duplicate Bridge

All bridge played is Contract Bridge, sometimes just called bridge.  However there are different forms on Contract Bridge.  This blog will discuss Duplicate Bridge form.

  • Duplicate Bridge: Same rules of play as Contact Bridge. The main difference is that the same deal is played at multiple tables to see which team makes the highest point.


  • Duplicate Bridge requires some special equipment in order to work properly, as well as multiple tables and space for players to move around. To keep track of all this, a director is appointed to answer queries, make judgments and ensure that things move smoothly.


  • A session of bridge usually can vary in length, but usually involves 20 – 30 hands, with multiple takes, each table playing the same hand.


  • Each table deals out four games of bridge and places the cards in a special container (called a board) keeping each hand within each game separate. Thus if you had 5 tables,20 unique hands of bridge are set-up before the first game is played.


  • The players at each table play the 4 hands of bridge, keeping the score for the pairs.


  • After each trick is played, players keep their cards in front of them rather than gathering them all up. At the end of each hand, each player’s thirteen cards are placed back into the board. This preserves the hand, so the next players to receive that board will receive an identical arrangement of cards


  • The players at each table play the 4 hands of bridge, keeping the score for the pairs.


  • After all 4 games are played the board is passed to the next table to play the hands again.


  • The end results is that each table plays the same hands to determine which teach makes the highest score at the end of the session and all hands have been played.


James Frazee

Author, Beginning Bridge by the Numbers

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