Creating the Main Character: How did you come up with The Mosquito Bites main character Alex Gregory?

main character

In every book I have read, there is a single main character. His responsibility is to keep the story moving in a way that makes him a real person in the eyes of the reader. My main character is Alex Gregory. I started by finding a name for him. It couldn’t be any name; it had to be a name that the readers would remember. Alex was easy for me because it is a name I’ve always liked. I went through many last names, most of them typical names, but none of them fit my picture of Alex. Then one day, I thought, “How about putting two first names together?” I have a good friend whose name is Gregory, and that is where I came up with Alex Gregory.

The character has to be a real person, with characteristics that identify him. For Alex, I used many characteristics of myself. Basically, his feelings and his reaction to the world around him are similar to mine. But Alex, like me, is not perfect. He has his faults, and they must be incorporated into the character to make him believable. His physical characteristics are a compilation of many people I have known in my life.

Alex’s first job out of school was working for a large corporation based in New York City. He was responsible for analyzing field data from the company’s research farms to recommend which products the company should move to market. That was my first job out of college too. In essence, Alex is me.


James Frazee

Author, The Mosquito Bites

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