Creating the Ideal Setting


When creating the location for this novel I used places that I know well. My career started with a company location in New York City and I also live in New York so that made it an easy fit for the book. I placed the corporate headquarters in the exact place I was in New York on Park Avenue, and the place I went to work each day. I just upgraded the offices with more technology to appeal to the current working environment. I described the offices and location the way I remembered in, making it as real as possible so the reader would create an image in his mind. When Alex Gregory moved to New York I had him move to my neighborhood.

The research farm was located in North Carolina in the same location as the farm in my own work. However I made it more of a corporate farm with company logos and billboards, something that was not present when I worked on the farms. The purpose was to build a corporate image in the minds of the readers.

People living and working in New York move through life at a very face pace. They are very aware of what is going on around them but put on an air of confidence. A New Yorker walks with purpose, always appearing to have to get someplace quickly and running late. They don’t take the time to see what is going around them, yet are aware of the people around them. In New York, everyone is a stranger. A New York is able to identify a non-native just observing the way they walk and carry themselves. I tried to put this in my novel through my characters. The face pace of life, the no-nonsense attitude and the air of authority is what makes a New Yorker. It is also the only way to survive in this city.

How do you create the worlds for your characters to move in? What’s your process? I would love to know about it in the comment section below! You may also reach me via my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads accounts.


James Frazee

Author, The Mosquito Bites

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