How Did You Craft the Twists for The Mosquito Bites?


Every good mystery novel has to keep the reader’s guessing ‘what happens next?’ When I developed the outline for the book I had a good idea where I wanted to go and ideas how to get there. But as the characters developed and took on personalities of their own, changes where necessary. For example, Cindy Hudson was going to have a minor role; i.e. she was only going to tell Alex what happened to her husband and then disappear. But once I started writing the coffee shop scene where they met, I felt it necessary to keep her as a major part of the story. The scene also led to the introduction of “Mr. Blue Shirt” who was in the shadows throughout the book. Who was he? What part did he have in the cover-up? Was anyone else involved?  Who was he working with?

Once ‘Mr. Blue Shirt’ appeared at the coffee shop scene, I had to go back and place him in other locations, prior to that scene. From then on he would appear from time to keep the audience guessing as to his role, until finally it all came out unexpectedly. But it was at the coffee shop were Mr. Blue Shirt took on his own personality and became an integral part of the story.

Each chapter ends with new information added to the plot, or a new use of the current information that Alex, Leslie and Cindy used to try to understand what is happening in their work place. The interaction of these three characters just naturally led to the twists and turns needed to keep the story line moving; again emphasizing the importance of developing all your characters and making them as real as possible in your mind and the minds of the readers.

How do you come up with plot twists to surprise your readers? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Send me also a tweet @DrJamesFrazee or like my Facebook page.


James Frazee

Author, The Mosquito Bites

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