Character Development

The development of the characters in any book or article is probably the single most important aspect of the book. The characters must become alive in the minds of the readers, not only how they look but also on how they feel, react, and think at every situation. I spend a lot of time developing the character, making sure that the readers will picture the character in their minds the same way I do. Much of the description came from people I grew up and know very well, thus they are alive in my head. I often take distinctive characteristics from several people and put them together to make a new person.

But just as important as the physical characteristics, I have to make sure the character has feelings and an inner soul. The readers must see and sense this as well and not be surprised how the character reacts to a situation. The character’s reaction in a situation is a part of the characters persona.

In my book, I had to kill one of characters in order to create a twist in the plot. That was a sad moment for me because although that person was not a likable character in the beginning, her inner soul came out later and she was not what she appeared to be. Her death was very hard but necessary.

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James Frazee

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