Namyats Convention

James Frazee June 1, 2018

Namrata is a convention to distinguish strong opening bids.  It shows 7-9 tricks in the hand.  This will help the responder to determine his bid, pass or go to slam.   Either way, . . .

Michaels Cue Bid

James Frazee May 21, 2018

Michaels Cue Bid

Michaels Cue Bid is used to show your partner that you have two suits with at least five cards in each.  There is no point minimum to use this convention.  . . .

Jacoby Transfer

James Frazee May 14, 2018

The Jacoby Transfer is used when a play opens with 1NT and his partner holds at least one five-card major suit (Hearts or Spades).  The responder naturally wants the contract to be in his long ma . . .

Astro Convention

James Frazee May 7, 2018

All bridge played follows the rules of Contract Bridge, sometimes just called bridge. Read More

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