Astro Convention

All bridge played follows the rules of Contract Bridge, sometimes just called bridge.  Once bridge became a popular game, players have been trying to come up with ways to improve their bidding and playing the hand.  These are called conventions.   Some have work, and some have not.  Astro is a response convention for use with an opening bid of 1NT

The response to the opening bid of 1NT provides a description of the make-up of the responding partner.  The convention is used with the responder has 10+ points in his hand.

Overcall                      Meaning

    2 Club                       Shows Hearts and a minor suit with a 5-4 or 4-5 split

    2 Diamonds           Shows Spades and another suit with a 5-4 or 4-5 split

    2 Hearts                   Indicates 5 Hearts

    2 Spades                  Indicates 5 Spades

    2NT                           Shows clubs and diamonds (usually a 5-5 split).  Opener should respond with his preference by replying with 3 Clubs or 3                                                Diamonds                             

With this information the opener can make his overcall and set the bid suit.






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