How a Hand is Played

James Frazee December 18, 2017

Once the contract has been set, the game can begin. The player who first named the suit that ends up as trump plays the hand. For example, if the bidding goes like this:

North   &nbs . . .

Making your Contract

James Frazee December 11, 2017

The final bid determines how a hand is played, who plays it and identifies the number of tricks that need to be made to make the contract. The winning bid team is the team who made the final bid.

T . . .

The Purpose of Bidding and What a Contract Means

James Frazee December 4, 2017

Bidding in bridge is a way of describing your hand to your partner. For example, if I bid one heart, I am telling my partner that I have at least 13 points and at least five hearts in my hand; where . . .

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