Month: July 2017

writing formula

Do you have a writing formula?

I’ve been asked by friends if I have a writing formula. I would have to answer ‘no’ but with an explanation. Some writers put together a very detailed outline, outlining…


Crafting the story’s close/resolution

Before I started this book I had a general idea how I wanted it to end, the crime that was committed, and the people responsible. At that time I had…


Creating the Ideal Setting

When creating the location for this novel I used places that I know well. My career started with a company location in New York City and I also live in…


Creating an Antagonist

In every work of literature there is usually an antagonist, the person opposite the main character. This person doesn’t have to always be bad, but in most mystery novels, he…


How Did You Craft the Twists for The Mosquito Bites?

Every good mystery novel has to keep the reader’s guessing ‘what happens next?’ When I developed the outline for the book I had a good idea where I wanted to…