Building the Minor Characters that Supplement the Major Character

James Frazee June 29, 2017

There is usually one main character in a book. However, without minor characters, the true inner feelings and actions of the major character can’t come out and he is only words on a page.  Th . . .

What Type of Writing Schedule Do I Keep?

James Frazee June 19, 2017

Every writer has a different schedule for writing. Some set a specific time during the day when they lock themselves away from the world and concentrating on their writing. Personally, I only write . . .

Character Development

James Frazee June 14, 2017

The development of the characters in any book or article is probably the single most important aspect of the book. The characters must become alive in the minds of the readers, not only how they loo . . .

Creating Believable, Relatable Characters

James Frazee June 5, 2017

A character has to be more than a physical person that someone can vision in their mind. Just like a real person, the character must have feelings, emotions, opinions, and values. But they must also . . .

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