Creating the Main Character: How did you come up with The Mosquito Bites main character Alex Gregory?

James Frazee May 29, 2017

In every book I have read, there is a single main character. His responsibility is to keep the story moving in a way that makes him a real person in the eyes of the reader. My main character is Alex . . .

How Did You Build or Redo the Characters?

James Frazee May 22, 2017

The characters are very important to the story. It is through them that all the actions, feelings, and emotions are displayed. Therefore, it is important to have ch . . .

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

James Frazee May 18, 2017

Having a good idea is the beginning of any writing and probably the most difficult part of the story development. Once you have that, the characters and plot come easier because you know the type of . . .

How I Came Up with the Idea of The Mosquito Bites

James Frazee May 2, 2017

I often get asked how I came up with the idea for my book The Mosquito Bites. I have always read that you need to write about something you know. But at the same time, you need to have a pass . . .

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