What are my creative boosts for writing?

What gets me going to write? That is a difficult question. I’m sure there are some authors who can rattle off one boost right after the other. But for me…


What were my challenges when writing my first fiction novel?

My first two books were non-fiction and fell into the category of “how-to” books. The first was a beginner’s bridge book, which taught the basics of bridge. It was based…


Melding the Mystery at the Precise Chapter(s)

The key to a good mystery is to keep the reader guessing as to the character’s motives in the story and the final outcome. Who are the good guys and…


Fiction vs Non-Fiction

The simplest way to differentiate the two is that Fiction is not true and non-fiction is true. Non-fiction involves real people, places and real events. Fiction is all made up.…


Elements that make a good suspense story

The two most important things about a suspense story is to 1) keep the reader’s interest and 2) keep the reader guessing as to who the ‘bad guys’ are and…